Monday, November 28, 2005

'Reclaiming Independence' CD Release Party

boilingfrog's 'Reclaiming Independence'

Tuesday, November 29, 2005, 7:30 pm
Cervejaria Bar and Grill
842 College St. (@ Ossington)
Free, Everybody welcome

'Reclaiming Independence' an original 74 min. radio play. Listen Now on Rabble Podcast Network

The Release Party will feature some of the highlights from our CD and introduce our imminent Healthy Mind, Body and Planet tour.

'Empire, culture, technology, nature, resistance, war, peace, and hope. In this dizzying and beautiful smorgasbord of soundclips, music, and voices, Kelly Reinhardt and Bridget Haworth take you into the belly of the beast, with tongue in cheek, and open the doors to a new activist consciousness.' - Charlotte Scott, rabble podcast network

We'll unleash some music and video clips that will help shape our work for the coming months. Learn how to get involved, and help take boilingfrog to the next level.

For nearly four years, boilingfrog has connected the dots by promoting, screening and distributing activist and independent media. By mixing snippets from many sources, we've created this radio play, and found our own voice along the way.

the tour that won't end in our lifetime

Phase 3: 'Reclaiming Independence' the radio play goes cyber with Rabble Podcast Network

Phase 4: Healthy Mind, Body and Planet, riding the rails Across Canada

In Feb. - April 2006, the Healthy Mind, Body and Planet Tour will ride the rails across Canada with Angela Bischoff,, Kelly Reinhardt and Bridget Haworth,

Building on lifetimes of work towards a healthy planet, Angela, Kelly and Bridget will demonstrate through their unique collection of media and presentations a dizzying myriad of problems we face today, and present solutions. The Healthy Mind, Body and Planet tour promises to connect the dots between pharmaceutical drugs, diet, air pollution, war and much more.