Thursday, August 11, 2005

9/11 Remembered

a boilingfrog film festival
September 5 - 9, 2005, noon - midnight
Rhino Bar and Grill, 1249 Queen St W. (1 blk west of Dufferin)
Toronto, Canada

PLUS: Skeptics Inquiry For Truth Present
'The Great Conspiracy' and 'Seven Unanswered Questions About 9/11'
September 11, 2005, 4:00 pm $10 / $5

Bloor Cinema, 506 Bloor St W. (@ Bathurst)

All the best 9/11 films PLUS many of the presentations from the International Citizens' Inquiry Into 9/11, Toronto 2004, plus highlights from NYC 9/11 Citizen's Commission and an L.A. Citizens' Grand Jury.

WHOA! 15 sessions, 50 hours of video, 5 days

Tickets available only at time of festival. limited seating. cash only.
For reservations, or more information email me with '9/11 Remembered' in the subject line.

$40 festival pass
$10 day pass
$5 session

Free, noon - 3 pm

Full Schedule with links (Amended Aug. 23, 2005.)
Printable black on white vsn. available. email me

Monday Sept. 5

12:00 noon: ‘The Great Deception: The War on Terrorism, An Alternative View’ 50 min.

1:00 pm ‘Where Are We and Where Are We Going?’ Barrie Zwicker - 13 min. Introduction to the International Citizens’ Inquiry Into 9/11, Phase 2, Toronto, May 2004. (ICII 9/11)

1:15 pm ‘The 9/11 Visibility Project’ Bill Douglas (ICII 9/11)
– 25 min. In support of the struggle for 9/11 truth.

1:45 pm ‘9/11 Overview’ Walter Davis (ICII 9/11) – 30 min. Kent State researcher connects the dots.

2:15 pm ‘The Official Story: Impossibilities and Improbabilities’ Kee Dewdney (ICII 9/11) – 45 min. A Mathematical approach, by member of the Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven.

3:30 pm ‘The Complete 9/11 Timeline’ Paul Thompson (ICII 9/11)
- 53 min. An extremely thorough, and invaluable archive of 9/11 research.

4:30 pm ‘9/11, Brainwahington, Plato’s Cave’ Matthias Broeckers - 37 minutes.
5:15 pm ‘9/11, An Inside Job’ Jim Marrs 10 min.
‘We’re Talking About Murder’ John Gray 20 min.
9/11 Essential Questions Series

5:45 pm ‘Examining the Term – Conspiracy Theory’ Jamey Hecht (ICII 9/11) – 34 min.

7:30 pm ‘The Truth and Lies of 9-11’ – 140 min.

10:00 pm ‘Painful Deceptions' – 120 min.

Tuesday Sept. 6

12:00 noon ‘The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw’ – 80 min.

1:30 pm ‘Some Dare Call It Treason’ Dr. Robert Bowman (ICII 9/11)
– 38 min. A fighter pilot looks back at 9/11 and forward to a resurrected America.

2:15 pm ‘The 9/11 Terror Fraud: A Coup Against World Civilization’ Webster Tarpley (ICII 9/11) - 73 min. From the man who ‘wrote the book’ on the subject - 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA


3:30 pm ‘9/11 and Historical War Pretexts’ – Richard Sanders (ICII 9/11) – 67 min. Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade - Just in case you were wondering if 9/11 was unique.

4:45 pm ‘The Underlying Politics of 9/11’ Ralph Schoenman – 63 min.
Class rule, the structure of power, false flags, and the ‘inevitable’ next attack.

6:00 pm ‘Blueprint for Global Domination’ Bruce Gagnon – 23 min
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space


7:00 pm Special Guest
Ian Woods, Publisher and Editor, launches Global Outlook issue 10
‘The Magazine of the 9/11 Truth Movement’

7:30 pm ‘The War for Oil and Drug Money’ – 60 min

8:30 pm ‘9/11 and the American Empire, How Should Religious People Respond? David Ray Griffin, C-Span, 2005 - 83 min

10:00 pm ‘9/11 The Road to Tyranny’ – 120 min.

Wedsnesday Sept. 7

12:00 noon ‘NYC 9/11 Citizen's Commission, An Open Inquiry into the Attacks ofSeptember 11’ – excerpts from 6 hr DVD

2:15 pm ‘WTC Towers Demolition’ Jim Hoffman – 45 min.
Demonstrating the Twin towers and Building 7 were demolished.


3:30 pm ‘Words, The Media, and Our Future’ Barrie Zwicker (ICII 9/11) – 29 min. Words are weapons which explode in our minds.

4:00 pm ‘Welcome to Brainwashington’ Matthias Broeckers (ICII 9/11) – 42 min. We have become victims of the biggest brainwashing operation in history.

4:45 pm ‘9/11 and Other Pretexts for War’ Richard Sanders – 18 min.
5:05 pm ‘The 9/11 Cover-up Commission’ Joyce Lynn – 12 min.
5:20 pm ‘De-constructing the 9/11 Myth’ Webster Tarpley – 18 min
9/11 Essential Questions Series

5:45 pm ‘9/11 and Our (Canadian) Constitutional Democracy’ Rocco Galati (ICII 9/11) – 28 min.

6:15 pm ‘Poets Against the War’ David Caldaresi (ICII 9/11) – 18 min. Poems written in protest of Laura Bush’s cancellation of White House poetry event.


7:30 pm. ‘Behind Every Bush There is a Terrorist’ San Francisco Comedy Night – 60 min

8:45 pm ‘Mohammed Atta and The Venice Flying Circus’ 60 min.

10:00 pm ‘9/11 In Plane Site’ 70 min.

11:15 pm Music from the International Citizens’ Inquiry Into 9/11, Toronto 2004 Jamey Hecht, The Dope Poet Society, David Rovics, and more…

Thursday Sept. 8

12:00 noon ‘Solving the Crimes of 9/11 - An L.A. Citizens' Grand Jury’ – excerpts from 6 hour DVD

2:15 pm ‘9/11 and Canada: A Study in Takeover’ Ken Fernandez (ICII 9/11)– 37 min. Canada’s strategic importance and US Global Objectives.


3:30 pm ‘The Financiers Behind 9/11’ Don Paul (ICII 9/11) – 42 min.
Exposing an interlocked, supra-national network of corporate criminality.

4:15 pm ‘Painful Questions, Painful Deceptions’ Eric Hufschmid – 15 min.
‘The Importance of Understanding 9/11’ Nafeez M. Ahmed – 15 min.
‘9/11, Peak Oil, The Window of Opportunity & The Joint Chiefs of Staff’ Mike Ruppert 20 min. 9/11 Essential Questions Series

5:15 pm Ralph Schoenman 5 Part Interview Series - 70 min.
‘9/11 A False Flag Operation’
‘Lynn Stewart, 1993, & the dry-run for 9/11’
‘Puppet Master Dick Cheney Threatens Psy-Ops Terrorism on the U.S. based on his Failed Terror Attack in Madrid’
‘Armageddon id Their Plan’
‘Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories’
9/11 Essential Questions Series


7:30 pm ‘In Whose Interest: The Practical Horrible Realities of Power’ 30 min.

8:00 pm Special GuestBarrie Zwicker introduces his film…
8:15 pm ‘The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw’ 2004, 75 min.
9:30 pm Discussion with Barrie on the film and his work since.

10:00 pm ‘Celsius 9/11: World Takeover and The War OF Terror’ 120 min.

Friday Sept. 9

12:00 noon ‘A 9/11 Widows’ Personal Story’ Ellen Mariani (ICII 9/11) – 45 min.

12:50 pm ‘The Need for Truth to Heal the 9/11 Families and America’ Dr. John Gray (ICII 9/11) – 23 min. By bestseller author of Men Are From mars, Women Are From Venus

1:15 pm ‘War Games vs. Stand Down Order’ Mike Ruppert (ICII 9/11) – 56 min. The first time Mike explains why there were no intercepts.

2:15 pm ‘The Coming Terror’ Webster Tarpley (ICII 9/11) – 46 min.

3:30 pm ‘War and Globalization: The Truth Behind 9/11’ Michel Chossudovsky – 90 min.
5:00 pm ‘Disarming the War Agenda’ – 25 min.
9/11 Essential Questions Series

5:30 pm ‘Examining the term, Conspiracy Theory’ Jamey Hecht (ICII 9/11) – 34 min


7:00 pm ‘Conspiranoid Fragments’ Steven Bush (ICII 9/11) – 22 min.
A live performance from the play ‘Beating the Bushes’

7:30 pm ‘Highjacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear, and the Selling of American Empire’ – 70 min

8:45 pm ‘Liberty Bound’ – 90 min.

10:30 pm ‘Behind Every Bush There is a Terrorist’ San Francisco Comedy Night – 60 min

Event posters are available. email me


Blogger boilingfrog said...

‘Because the events of September 11, 2001 have since shaped geo-politics, and that Canadians are continually told it is not a matter of if, but when, a terrorist strike happens here, we feel it imperative to take a critical and thorough look back at the defining moment of the 21st Century,’ says Kelly Reinhardt of

‘Sen. Colin Kenny, the chair of the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence, has warned about terrorist threats in Canada for years. "It's not if it is going to happen. It's when it is going to happen," he says, adding that Canada should treat the London bombings as a wake-up call.’ News Staff July 8, 2005
That frightens many, but even more frightening is the overwhelming amount of evidence pointing towards US Government complicity in the largest terrorist attack in history.

But this is nothing new.

Viewers will learn during this film festival that governments, past and present, have used bogus ‘pretext incidents’ to draw their nation into war, and curtail civil liberties.

The 9/11 Film Festival will feature the best of independently produced videos on the subject.
‘Painful Deceptions’; ‘Truth and Lies of 9-11’; ‘9/11 The Road to Tyranny;’ ‘The Great Deception’; ‘Mohammed Atta and The Venice Flying Circus’; ‘9/11 In Plane Site’; ‘The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw’; and much more.

In addition, Toronto audiences will have the first opportunity to publicly view presentations from last years International Citizens’ Inquiry Into 9/11, Phase 2, Toronto, May 2004.
Citizens who make up Skeptics’ Inquiry For Truth (SIFT), who organized that event, also commissioned a poll at that time titled “Attitudes towards September 11th Study”

Maritz Research reported that 63% of respondents either strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement “Individuals within the U.S. government including the White house had prior knowledge of the plans for the events of Sept. 11th and failed to take appropriate action to stop them.” More surprisingly, 16% either strongly or somewhat agreed with this statement: “Individuals within the U.S. government including the White house were involved in the planning and execution of the events of September 11th.”

Full schedule and line up with links to filmmakers, reviews, distributors, available at

Special Guests:

Tuesday, September 6, 6:30 pm
Ian Woods, Publisher and Editor, launches Global Outlook issue 10
‘The Magazine of the 9/11 Truth Movement’

Thursday, September 8, 8:00 pm
Barrie Zwicker, Writer and Producer, introduces his film, and discusses with audience afterwards.
‘The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw’ 2004, 75 min.

6:16 p.m., August 23, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow this is amazing, great job guys.


1:11 a.m., August 24, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

e-mail me @

i've sent you an e-mail already Kelly, just realized there's posters available, i would be more than glad to post these places :)

GREAT job getting this together
i'll see you people there, and i'll bring dvd copies of alex jones films to hand out. Also, on the 11th, friends and I will be handing more of these out, along with flyers etc, along queen st w, we're burning them like mad and should have upwards of 200 complete with cases etc, to hand to passers by

1:44 p.m., August 24, 2005  
Blogger No Yards said...

I hope someone is going to address the nonsense that was being spewed by the media, government, and security experts that Canada was number 5 on a terrorist hit list and was the only country not yet hit.

There is no real basis for this statement other than one that uses misinformation and lies.

I documented on my blog the information I could find on the supposed "terrorist hit list", and at best (or worst as the case may be) Canadians in Iraq and Afghanistan have been threatened ... Canada has not been named as a target in any credible way.

8:21 a.m., September 06, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome - Save $50 on a playstation 2...Whoopee!!

This is a great site people!

2:33 p.m., November 02, 2005  

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