Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Your Drug May Be Your Problem

Angela Bischoff and Don Wietz spoke last night in Toronto about the dangers of anti-depressant and other psychiatric drugs, and their connection to suicide.

It was the second speaking engagement in a week by Angela on this topic. She has recently begun this campaign because her husband, the late Tooker Gomberg, killed himself while on anti-depressant drug, Remuron. Angela boldly states her belief that Tooker would not have killed himself if not for the powerful adverse effects from this drug, including suicidal ideation.

His doctor failed to warn him of the deadly side effects. The drug company failed to notify doctors, and Health Canada failed us all, again, in their duty to keep dangerous drugs off the market.

It is clear that drug companies are driving the agenda on the classification of disease, and the treatments for them.

What we need to do is keep up the pressure on our elected representatives, Big Pharma, and the 'medical mafia' in general. In addition, it is up to us to constantly search for the truth, help to educate others, and seek out alternatives to our health treatment that don't involve consuming toxic, and deadly pharmaceuticals.

Please visit Angela and Tookers website for background on there work, and updates on this anti-pharma campaign.

And please add any links you can think of in your comment to this post that may help others educate themselves on this important issue.


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