Thursday, June 09, 2005

Energy Healing

Amandha Vollmer, Angela Bischoff and Don Weitz joined us last night (June 8, 2005) on our weekly radio show, 'Between the Lines with Sammuel Jennings. Picking up where we left off on Monday night, we delved a little deeper into the topics of Psychiatric medicine, anti-depressants, suicide and the 'medical mafia' in general.

Don spoke passionately for psychiatric survivors , and sadly, those who didn't survive psychiatric medicine. Don encourages people to support the Coalition Against Pshychiatric Assault, an 'organization that is focused on strategic activism.' Thank you Don for all the work you do.

We talked about the medical establishment and pharmaceutical drugs being the # 3 leading cause of death in North America.

Amandha spoke of the CODEX, which in a nutshell (if I understand it correctly) would put jurisdiction of what are considered alternative therapies into the hands of pharmaceutical corporations.

Please visit her energy healing blog for a lot of info on CODEX, as well as her personal tidbits blog .


Blogger Amandha/Ananda said...

And I must say it was a glorious time we had! Thank you so much for all your hard are such warrior souls. It is most certainly an honour to share activist energy with you!
In positive spirit,

9:17 p.m., June 25, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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