Saturday, May 21, 2005

UFO's left me flat

The evening with Dr. Steven Greer was interesting enough, but left me fairy unsatisfied.
Maybe it was my high degree of skepticism to begin with, or an uneasy feeling that embracing UFO's and extra-terrestrials would forever cement my membership in the tinfoil hat club.

We were treated to a one hour video version of witness testimony, gathered from more than 120 hours of testimony from 100 witnesses. It was compelling enough, but certainly not the Earth shaking material I was expecting. We heard of UFO sightings and the deliberate attempts by government, media and industry to silence those who had seen something. One interesting segment had witnesses explain how nuclear missiles had been taken off line during an episode of UFO's near the base.

It seems that UFO sightings started immediately following the successful nuclear explosions carried out by the US government. Theory has it that the extra-terrestrials (that were perhaps visiting our planet for millennia) suddenly became very concerned about the direction us Earthlings were taking with technology. The testimonies left us to believe that maybe they have all intentions of not letting us blow each other to smithereens. I think that because missiles were allegedly shut down during these episodes that maybe these ET's were merely safeguarding their own ship. This is a safe assumption because we also learned that many ET - UFO's have crashed over the decades, with the materials recovered only to be kept in the utmost secrecy. This is supposed to be the impetus for all the reverse engineering that has taken place on this obviously superior technology.

One of Dr. Greer's main goals is to have the truth disclosed about ET's and UFO's so that these technologies, like zero-point energy, can be harnessed for the benefit of all on Earth. Because the same folks who control the fossil fuel, and nuclear industries also posses the ET tech, there is little likelihood any of it will ever see the light of day, at least until it can be commodified.

Now all that is fine and well, but the contradictions still ring through my mind. For example, Dr. Greer mentions that one of the witnesses spoke with Werner Von Braun, ex-Nazi turned American rocket scientist, on his deathbed in the mid 70's, and he explained that he evolution of bogus threats. Starting with communism, then moving towards rogue states, then terrorism as the major threats facing the US, and the main reason why the militarization of space needs to go ahead. After terrorism the threat will be n attack from hostile ET's. All of these are bogus he said.

So, this got me to wondering. If the US's top rocket scientist is warning us against the fabrication of bogus enemies to justify militarization and weapons development, including an eventual fabrication of hostile ET's, then how could I possibly believe that ET's are currently visiting our planet? It's not like he said on his deathbed that we should watch out for the demonization of ET's and a staged attack. He said all these enemies are bogus.

Dr. Greer wants us to believe that the hostile ET's are bogus.
I'm still of the opinion that ET's are bogus in their entirety, at least as it concerns them visiting us here on Earth. It's a perfect scam to unleash upon the world for the final push to total enslavement and one world government, with a very costly space based weapon program thrown in to control all us who care not to go along.

My skepticism may have been lessened if I'd had the chance to interview Dr. Greer. However, I was told at the event that he would not be giving any interviews, and the only time I could have with him was during the next days seminar. I didn't have the extra $70 to throw away, so I left bewildered that a man who has devoted so many years attempting to disclose the facts on UFO's and ET's didn't think to set any time aside for questions from the media.


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