Thursday, May 26, 2005

Triple Play - Film, Book, Radio

Whew! Last night (May 25, 2005) was extreme. Boilingfrog found itself triple booked.
First up was the 3rd in a series of screenings with Trinity Spadina Greens on the topic of climate change/global warming.
Second, we were happily involved in the launch of 'Autonomous Media Activating Resistance & Dissent', a new book by Andrea Langlois and Frederic Dubois.
It was really great to meet these two, who invested considerable energies in capturing the essence of Autonomous Media - 'defined by their openness--in terms of content and membership--and their objective of amplifying the voices of people and groups that normally do not have access to the media.'
My thanks to Andrea and Frederic for bringing out this book, and contributing proceeds from Toronto's book launch to both boilingfrog, and Uprising Books (168 Baldwin St, Kensington Market)

And lastly, we had our weekly radio show, every Weds at 10 pm EST.

If that wasn't enough, we then found ourselves in a meeting until nearly 2 am. Yet another effort to revolutionize the world through the sharing of critical info.

So, here it is, way past noon on a beautiful sunny warm day (as long as one doesn't mind a very high UV rating) and I'm still in my housecoat. la la la


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