Monday, May 30, 2005

Solidarity Forever

Last night we participated in the last in a series of Solidarity Sundays at local bar, neutral, in the Kensington Market. For 5 weeks we contributed a 45 minute video segment to the evenings festivities, providing an interesting break between great live music.

SINVA (studies for non-violent action) headlined the shows. Mixing blues, reggae, funk, ska, and a little rock and roll, SINVA enthusiastically entertained (I'd like to say multitudes) all who graced us with their presence.

Many other political musicians shared the same stage over the month of May. Too bad we couldn't bring the numbers up of drink swilling patrons to make it worth while for the owners of the new neutral Bar. Oh well, not like we didn't try. and not like it was a total bust either.

Anyway, we are not deterred.

One of the great benefits of being an activist is one develops an incredibly tough skin. We can remain determined despite overwhelming odds of success.

Perhaps it is because of the inspiring music that fuels our movements. Get a taste of some from last nights guests - Sara Marlowe and The Dope Poet Society.

So, stay tuned, 'cause we're gonna get that permanent home, where we can fully express ourselves and communicate to one another in a safe environment, where it isn't dependent on alcohol sales to ensure our existence.

Now accepting philanthropists to make this dream come true.


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