Monday, May 16, 2005

Rosalie Bertell - Scientist, Eco-Feminist, Visionary

On Saturday afternoon we found ourselves at the book launch for a biography on Rosalie Bertell. It was an amazing opportunity to meet the woman who wrote 'Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War'

Since first reading this book back in 2002, it has become a major source for information and inspiration. What's contained in those pages will frighten the bejeezus out of you, but is required reading for anyone concerned about the future. If you thought Nuclear Weapons were bad, wait until you get wind of the Electromagnetic Weapons of the 21st century. Whoa!

We got our copies signed, and had pictures taken. I was happy to report that I'd given a copy of 'Planet Earth' to Mel Hurtig. Mel had dedicated his last book, in part, to her. Titled 'Rushing to Armageddon', it served as a major tool in keeping Canada out of (for now, at least officially) the US 'missile defense' scheme. Seems that Rosalie is on the edge of understanding as Mel hadn't even heard of HAARP (one of the projects dissected in her book).

Her friend, Ursula Franklin was also there. Wow! all that and cookies too.

You can find out about Rosalie's work at the International Institute of Concern for Public Health

Rosalie Bertell - Scientist, Eco-Feminist, Visionary
Mary-Louise Engels 2005


Anonymous Aisling said...

Thanks for posting your info, and links about Rosalie Bertell. I had not heard of her, and her work, which I will definitly go and check out now. It is frightening what we are inflicting on the Earth, and on each other...really, what are we hoping to achieve?
thanks again, I will be tapping into your blog soon, and please go check out CitizenSHIFT - this website is celebrating Biodiversity day (and beyond), with tons of films on the environment.
(we also have an RSS feed, so you can tap into the latest news!

10:21 a.m., May 24, 2005  

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