Saturday, May 14, 2005

Remembering Bob Hunter

I was just at ACT for the Earth reading about a memorial this Sunday May 15, for Bob Hunter, author, broadcaster, environmentalist, legend. There is a thread started for folks to share their memories. here's my contribution...

I met Bob Hunter twice. The first time was at the greenpeace canvas office here in downtown Toronto 1992. He came to talk to us before we went out fundraising. I had just recently read his book 'Warriors of the Rainbow' and was very impressed to meet him in person. This guy was already a living legend.

I wrote home and had my copy sent out to me. A week or so later I called Bob up at City TV, and we arranged to meet for a beer across the street at The Bev. I had asked him if i could get together to have him autograph the book.

We drank and smoked, and i was taken back by his tolerance for some young pup rambling as fast as one could trying to impress upon him my own sense of urgency to save the planet from destruction.

Problem was, I was hitting the wall. After a year or more of knocking on doors from Edmonton to Ottawa and all stops in between, I realized it's gonna have to take a helluva lot more work than that to turn things around. And the news every day was not getting any better. Remember the days when our rapidly deteriorating environment got press?

Bob sensed my pain, but wasn't going to let me off easy. When our beer was done, and we both had to go back to work, he signed in my book 'Don't despair, the worst is yet to come!'

Those words have been strangely motivating since then.
Thank you Bob, and all the best in the after life.


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