Saturday, May 14, 2005

Percy Schmeiser, ACT for The Earth May 13, 2005

A real super hero came to town tonight. 73 year old Saskatchewan Farmer, Percy Schmeiser, captivated the audience with his tales taking on Monsanto, biotech behemoth.

With frightening clarity we learned that beyond the widespread contamination of genetically modified organisms in food, is a growing disaster with the introduction of pharmacueticals into crops. Industrial enzymes, blood thinners, blood clotters, growth hormones, contraceptives, and vaccines introduced into our food supply. Ok, think about that for a while, but not too long 'cause things just went from bad to worse.

On the upside, it appears the rest of the planet is all over this, beating back the insanity of our genetically engineered ways. Farmers are organizing, and fighting back all over the globe. Here at home we have to fight the government so they don't criminalize the farmers right to save seed. Percy is on the leading edge of that fight. read a little more about Percy at ACT for the Earth and the GMO forum, Revering the Seed, Guelph, Ontario.

Word has it that the best way to protect one's self is to eat organic, and stay away from processed food. I would add to that generous doses of independent activist media to keep you informed and inspired.


Blogger Barb said...

I heard Percy Schmeiser at the North of Nowhere Expo in Edmonton last year. I agree, he is a super hero. I was absolutely dumbfounded by his tales of the mafia-like behaviour of Monsanto. They hire a small army of private thugs, ex-RCMP mostly, to go around intimidating farmers, flying over their fields and spraying Roundup on their crops, stealing their plants for testing, parking outside their homes and watching them, all with the purpose (according to Schmeiser) of terrorizing them into submission to the new world order of agribusiness (a world where the genetic material itself is owned by Monsanto and farmers have no choice but to buy their seeds and chemicals from one place.) Monsanto knows full well that, once the seed is in the environment, it will spread to other fields. Once that happens, Monsatan owns the field, the seed and, for all intents and purposes, the farmers themselves. It's part of their plan for world domination of agriculture. They are hitting Percy with a huge lawsuit, accusing him of "stealing" their seed (because it blew into the ditch next to his farm and took root) to make an example out of him and scare the other farmers into signing their deal with the devil. I heartily encourage everyone to buy organic - if for no other reason than to stop these global bullies from getting away with it.

4:27 p.m., May 16, 2005  
Blogger boilingfrog said...

Barb, you not only heard Percy, but you videotaped the event and folks can get a copy from you at

you're so modest.

thanks for your comments.

2:13 p.m., May 17, 2005  
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