Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Educated Activist Video

Last night (May 25) was an incredibly special evening with a showing of 15 NEW activist films.

Products of the graduating class at York University, students from the Activist Video course wowed friends and strangers alike with an amazing diversity of well done video.

As I mentioned during the show, if anyone would have told me that Activist Video would be taught as a University course, I wouldn't have believed it (except of course in varieties of Anarchist University).

The joint was packed. Our inaugural screening at the Kensington Community Centre was standing room only.

My deep gratitude to all the students, and class instructor Barbara Evans, for creating such compelling works and sharing them with the community.

we hope to screen them all again in various venues, including Solidarity Sundays.

here's a list of the films we screened, and the artists.

Subdivisions - Fred Yurichuk - 23 m
Access Without Fear: The Don't Ask Don't Tell Campaign - Jean McDonald and Alex Rogalski, 11 m
Fragments - Nicole Hutchinson - 13 m
Catch a Fire - Emmanuel Mutsane - 10 m
School Bullies - Isabel - 12 m
Traffic Jamming - Jane Walker - 7 m
Cuban Youth:Juventud Rebelde - Matthew Tegelberg, Emilio San Martin - 12 m
It is Dangerous to Read Newspapers - Becky Freedman - 5 m
Making the Connections - Becky Freedman - 11 m
Four More Years - Jane Walker - 4 m
Just Another Dead Indian - Pamela Matthews - 18 m
some girls - Karen Augustine - 9 m
Birds Behind Bars - Deanna Ford - 13 m
The Making of a Hybrid Male - Spy


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