Monday, May 16, 2005

Bob Hunter's Memorial memorableness'

It was a chilly afternoon in May, but that didn't deter the many hundreds from coming out to remember Rainbow Warrior, Robert Hunter. We opted for the outside patio where City TV was piping the live service for an over capacity crowd.

Bob's daughter Emily spoke about the man we didn't know. A man who, in the last months of his life, sought to fully appreciate his family and all his life's adventures. She told us how her Dad liked to 'create mind bombs' to generate change. He took on climate change as the most serious issue of our time and truly believed that one person can make a difference.

Moses Znaimer, 'co-founder and former President and Executive Producer of Toronto's radical and popular independent television station, Citytv Toronto' spoke greatly of Bob. Their first meeting was quickly followed by a trip to the sea, where Bob taught him how to smoke - 'just enough to see God in the dolphins'.
Moses described him as 'an authentic action hero... with a showman's instinct for inspired stunts.' He had the 'power of prophecy and an ability to inspire passion and devotion'.

A message came in from David Suzuki directly to Bob, because '... you are still with us, living on in everyone's heart here today.' he added that Bob was '... the first journalist to write of me approvingly. and that 'you never gave up, never sold out.'
'I expect that where ever you are, there is a certain satisfaction because every greedy, rich, money-grubbing bastard is also gonna die....but those son's of bitches aren't going where your going.'

Paul Watson was a real highlight. He and Bob went through many of the early adventures together. They were the first to play with the Russian whalers, positioning their tiny inflatable in between the whales and their killers. They stood together on the ice with their backs turned to a massive ice breaker bearing down on them. Bob remained a dedicated friend and fellow Warrior after Paul parted ways with Greenpeace and they sailed together on campaigns in the years that followed with The Sea Shepherd Society . 'If ecology becomes the religion of the future, Bob will be recognized as the Messiah.' He was 'a Warrior of the Rainbow, a man without fear, an icon and inspiration. In the sea the dolphins cry and the whales lament'. But not for long because Paul wrapped up by dedicating a future Sea Shepherd ship, appropriately powered with wind, solar, and bio-diesel, to sail in his name - The Robert Lorne Hunter.

Bobbie Hunter spoke last. 'My great husband Bob was a hero and a mentor, please remember his words.'



Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Wow, to be able to hear Paul Watson speak in person...
Sea Shepherd rules. I've always been against throwing money into someone else's pockets, because it's more
like guilt for not doing what you should be doing. However, Sea Shepherd is one of those orgs that really does make a difference with your contributions.

5:04 p.m., May 16, 2005  

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