Monday, May 30, 2005

Solidarity Forever

Last night we participated in the last in a series of Solidarity Sundays at local bar, neutral, in the Kensington Market. For 5 weeks we contributed a 45 minute video segment to the evenings festivities, providing an interesting break between great live music.

SINVA (studies for non-violent action) headlined the shows. Mixing blues, reggae, funk, ska, and a little rock and roll, SINVA enthusiastically entertained (I'd like to say multitudes) all who graced us with their presence.

Many other political musicians shared the same stage over the month of May. Too bad we couldn't bring the numbers up of drink swilling patrons to make it worth while for the owners of the new neutral Bar. Oh well, not like we didn't try. and not like it was a total bust either.

Anyway, we are not deterred.

One of the great benefits of being an activist is one develops an incredibly tough skin. We can remain determined despite overwhelming odds of success.

Perhaps it is because of the inspiring music that fuels our movements. Get a taste of some from last nights guests - Sara Marlowe and The Dope Poet Society.

So, stay tuned, 'cause we're gonna get that permanent home, where we can fully express ourselves and communicate to one another in a safe environment, where it isn't dependent on alcohol sales to ensure our existence.

Now accepting philanthropists to make this dream come true.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Triple Play - Film, Book, Radio

Whew! Last night (May 25, 2005) was extreme. Boilingfrog found itself triple booked.
First up was the 3rd in a series of screenings with Trinity Spadina Greens on the topic of climate change/global warming.
Second, we were happily involved in the launch of 'Autonomous Media Activating Resistance & Dissent', a new book by Andrea Langlois and Frederic Dubois.
It was really great to meet these two, who invested considerable energies in capturing the essence of Autonomous Media - 'defined by their openness--in terms of content and membership--and their objective of amplifying the voices of people and groups that normally do not have access to the media.'
My thanks to Andrea and Frederic for bringing out this book, and contributing proceeds from Toronto's book launch to both boilingfrog, and Uprising Books (168 Baldwin St, Kensington Market)

And lastly, we had our weekly radio show, every Weds at 10 pm EST.

If that wasn't enough, we then found ourselves in a meeting until nearly 2 am. Yet another effort to revolutionize the world through the sharing of critical info.

So, here it is, way past noon on a beautiful sunny warm day (as long as one doesn't mind a very high UV rating) and I'm still in my housecoat. la la la

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Educated Activist Video

Last night (May 25) was an incredibly special evening with a showing of 15 NEW activist films.

Products of the graduating class at York University, students from the Activist Video course wowed friends and strangers alike with an amazing diversity of well done video.

As I mentioned during the show, if anyone would have told me that Activist Video would be taught as a University course, I wouldn't have believed it (except of course in varieties of Anarchist University).

The joint was packed. Our inaugural screening at the Kensington Community Centre was standing room only.

My deep gratitude to all the students, and class instructor Barbara Evans, for creating such compelling works and sharing them with the community.

we hope to screen them all again in various venues, including Solidarity Sundays.

here's a list of the films we screened, and the artists.

Subdivisions - Fred Yurichuk - 23 m
Access Without Fear: The Don't Ask Don't Tell Campaign - Jean McDonald and Alex Rogalski, 11 m
Fragments - Nicole Hutchinson - 13 m
Catch a Fire - Emmanuel Mutsane - 10 m
School Bullies - Isabel - 12 m
Traffic Jamming - Jane Walker - 7 m
Cuban Youth:Juventud Rebelde - Matthew Tegelberg, Emilio San Martin - 12 m
It is Dangerous to Read Newspapers - Becky Freedman - 5 m
Making the Connections - Becky Freedman - 11 m
Four More Years - Jane Walker - 4 m
Just Another Dead Indian - Pamela Matthews - 18 m
some girls - Karen Augustine - 9 m
Birds Behind Bars - Deanna Ford - 13 m
The Making of a Hybrid Male - Spy

Saturday, May 21, 2005

UFO's left me flat

The evening with Dr. Steven Greer was interesting enough, but left me fairy unsatisfied.
Maybe it was my high degree of skepticism to begin with, or an uneasy feeling that embracing UFO's and extra-terrestrials would forever cement my membership in the tinfoil hat club.

We were treated to a one hour video version of witness testimony, gathered from more than 120 hours of testimony from 100 witnesses. It was compelling enough, but certainly not the Earth shaking material I was expecting. We heard of UFO sightings and the deliberate attempts by government, media and industry to silence those who had seen something. One interesting segment had witnesses explain how nuclear missiles had been taken off line during an episode of UFO's near the base.

It seems that UFO sightings started immediately following the successful nuclear explosions carried out by the US government. Theory has it that the extra-terrestrials (that were perhaps visiting our planet for millennia) suddenly became very concerned about the direction us Earthlings were taking with technology. The testimonies left us to believe that maybe they have all intentions of not letting us blow each other to smithereens. I think that because missiles were allegedly shut down during these episodes that maybe these ET's were merely safeguarding their own ship. This is a safe assumption because we also learned that many ET - UFO's have crashed over the decades, with the materials recovered only to be kept in the utmost secrecy. This is supposed to be the impetus for all the reverse engineering that has taken place on this obviously superior technology.

One of Dr. Greer's main goals is to have the truth disclosed about ET's and UFO's so that these technologies, like zero-point energy, can be harnessed for the benefit of all on Earth. Because the same folks who control the fossil fuel, and nuclear industries also posses the ET tech, there is little likelihood any of it will ever see the light of day, at least until it can be commodified.

Now all that is fine and well, but the contradictions still ring through my mind. For example, Dr. Greer mentions that one of the witnesses spoke with Werner Von Braun, ex-Nazi turned American rocket scientist, on his deathbed in the mid 70's, and he explained that he evolution of bogus threats. Starting with communism, then moving towards rogue states, then terrorism as the major threats facing the US, and the main reason why the militarization of space needs to go ahead. After terrorism the threat will be n attack from hostile ET's. All of these are bogus he said.

So, this got me to wondering. If the US's top rocket scientist is warning us against the fabrication of bogus enemies to justify militarization and weapons development, including an eventual fabrication of hostile ET's, then how could I possibly believe that ET's are currently visiting our planet? It's not like he said on his deathbed that we should watch out for the demonization of ET's and a staged attack. He said all these enemies are bogus.

Dr. Greer wants us to believe that the hostile ET's are bogus.
I'm still of the opinion that ET's are bogus in their entirety, at least as it concerns them visiting us here on Earth. It's a perfect scam to unleash upon the world for the final push to total enslavement and one world government, with a very costly space based weapon program thrown in to control all us who care not to go along.

My skepticism may have been lessened if I'd had the chance to interview Dr. Greer. However, I was told at the event that he would not be giving any interviews, and the only time I could have with him was during the next days seminar. I didn't have the extra $70 to throw away, so I left bewildered that a man who has devoted so many years attempting to disclose the facts on UFO's and ET's didn't think to set any time aside for questions from the media.

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Disclosure Project, May 20, 2005

Tonight, Friday May 20, 2005, we are attending an event by The Disclosure Project, with Dr. Steven Greer.

The water is about to get a little hotter, but don't worry, no one will notice.
Stay tuned...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Bob Hunter's Memorial memorableness'

It was a chilly afternoon in May, but that didn't deter the many hundreds from coming out to remember Rainbow Warrior, Robert Hunter. We opted for the outside patio where City TV was piping the live service for an over capacity crowd.

Bob's daughter Emily spoke about the man we didn't know. A man who, in the last months of his life, sought to fully appreciate his family and all his life's adventures. She told us how her Dad liked to 'create mind bombs' to generate change. He took on climate change as the most serious issue of our time and truly believed that one person can make a difference.

Moses Znaimer, 'co-founder and former President and Executive Producer of Toronto's radical and popular independent television station, Citytv Toronto' spoke greatly of Bob. Their first meeting was quickly followed by a trip to the sea, where Bob taught him how to smoke - 'just enough to see God in the dolphins'.
Moses described him as 'an authentic action hero... with a showman's instinct for inspired stunts.' He had the 'power of prophecy and an ability to inspire passion and devotion'.

A message came in from David Suzuki directly to Bob, because '... you are still with us, living on in everyone's heart here today.' he added that Bob was '... the first journalist to write of me approvingly. and that 'you never gave up, never sold out.'
'I expect that where ever you are, there is a certain satisfaction because every greedy, rich, money-grubbing bastard is also gonna die....but those son's of bitches aren't going where your going.'

Paul Watson was a real highlight. He and Bob went through many of the early adventures together. They were the first to play with the Russian whalers, positioning their tiny inflatable in between the whales and their killers. They stood together on the ice with their backs turned to a massive ice breaker bearing down on them. Bob remained a dedicated friend and fellow Warrior after Paul parted ways with Greenpeace and they sailed together on campaigns in the years that followed with The Sea Shepherd Society . 'If ecology becomes the religion of the future, Bob will be recognized as the Messiah.' He was 'a Warrior of the Rainbow, a man without fear, an icon and inspiration. In the sea the dolphins cry and the whales lament'. But not for long because Paul wrapped up by dedicating a future Sea Shepherd ship, appropriately powered with wind, solar, and bio-diesel, to sail in his name - The Robert Lorne Hunter.

Bobbie Hunter spoke last. 'My great husband Bob was a hero and a mentor, please remember his words.'


Rosalie Bertell - Scientist, Eco-Feminist, Visionary

On Saturday afternoon we found ourselves at the book launch for a biography on Rosalie Bertell. It was an amazing opportunity to meet the woman who wrote 'Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War'

Since first reading this book back in 2002, it has become a major source for information and inspiration. What's contained in those pages will frighten the bejeezus out of you, but is required reading for anyone concerned about the future. If you thought Nuclear Weapons were bad, wait until you get wind of the Electromagnetic Weapons of the 21st century. Whoa!

We got our copies signed, and had pictures taken. I was happy to report that I'd given a copy of 'Planet Earth' to Mel Hurtig. Mel had dedicated his last book, in part, to her. Titled 'Rushing to Armageddon', it served as a major tool in keeping Canada out of (for now, at least officially) the US 'missile defense' scheme. Seems that Rosalie is on the edge of understanding as Mel hadn't even heard of HAARP (one of the projects dissected in her book).

Her friend, Ursula Franklin was also there. Wow! all that and cookies too.

You can find out about Rosalie's work at the International Institute of Concern for Public Health

Rosalie Bertell - Scientist, Eco-Feminist, Visionary
Mary-Louise Engels 2005

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Remembering Bob Hunter

I was just at ACT for the Earth reading about a memorial this Sunday May 15, for Bob Hunter, author, broadcaster, environmentalist, legend. There is a thread started for folks to share their memories. here's my contribution...

I met Bob Hunter twice. The first time was at the greenpeace canvas office here in downtown Toronto 1992. He came to talk to us before we went out fundraising. I had just recently read his book 'Warriors of the Rainbow' and was very impressed to meet him in person. This guy was already a living legend.

I wrote home and had my copy sent out to me. A week or so later I called Bob up at City TV, and we arranged to meet for a beer across the street at The Bev. I had asked him if i could get together to have him autograph the book.

We drank and smoked, and i was taken back by his tolerance for some young pup rambling as fast as one could trying to impress upon him my own sense of urgency to save the planet from destruction.

Problem was, I was hitting the wall. After a year or more of knocking on doors from Edmonton to Ottawa and all stops in between, I realized it's gonna have to take a helluva lot more work than that to turn things around. And the news every day was not getting any better. Remember the days when our rapidly deteriorating environment got press?

Bob sensed my pain, but wasn't going to let me off easy. When our beer was done, and we both had to go back to work, he signed in my book 'Don't despair, the worst is yet to come!'

Those words have been strangely motivating since then.
Thank you Bob, and all the best in the after life.

Percy Schmeiser, ACT for The Earth May 13, 2005

A real super hero came to town tonight. 73 year old Saskatchewan Farmer, Percy Schmeiser, captivated the audience with his tales taking on Monsanto, biotech behemoth.

With frightening clarity we learned that beyond the widespread contamination of genetically modified organisms in food, is a growing disaster with the introduction of pharmacueticals into crops. Industrial enzymes, blood thinners, blood clotters, growth hormones, contraceptives, and vaccines introduced into our food supply. Ok, think about that for a while, but not too long 'cause things just went from bad to worse.

On the upside, it appears the rest of the planet is all over this, beating back the insanity of our genetically engineered ways. Farmers are organizing, and fighting back all over the globe. Here at home we have to fight the government so they don't criminalize the farmers right to save seed. Percy is on the leading edge of that fight. read a little more about Percy at ACT for the Earth and the GMO forum, Revering the Seed, Guelph, Ontario.

Word has it that the best way to protect one's self is to eat organic, and stay away from processed food. I would add to that generous doses of independent activist media to keep you informed and inspired.

Friday, May 13, 2005

May 12, 2005 boilingfrogs first blog

Today downtown Toronto played host to a lively rally demanding the Ontario Government immediately increase monthly welfare and disability allowances by $250. Hundreds marched on bellies filled with the finest free spread I've ever seen served up. (did anyone try that pie? man that looked good.)

Apparently there is a special diet provision to release this extra money on a case by case basis, but OCAP , who has been helping people get this special benefit, is now calling for an across the board increase. Look out! If we all become as well fed as we were this afternoon, we may just have the strength to build that better world so desperately yearned for.

If you missed the action, you can look at pictures or watch the video highlights on Sunday May 15, at Nuetral Bar, 349 A College, at Augusta. Toronto's own Chernozym video will screen during the boilingfrog set (7 pm), at the new Solidarity Sundays, where activists, and artists get together for music, film, theatre and more. Immediately folowing the video set, Savoy Howe performs her original piece 'LOOK UP!'. more here