Monday, November 28, 2005

'Reclaiming Independence' CD Release Party

boilingfrog's 'Reclaiming Independence'

Tuesday, November 29, 2005, 7:30 pm
Cervejaria Bar and Grill
842 College St. (@ Ossington)
Free, Everybody welcome

'Reclaiming Independence' an original 74 min. radio play. Listen Now on Rabble Podcast Network

The Release Party will feature some of the highlights from our CD and introduce our imminent Healthy Mind, Body and Planet tour.

'Empire, culture, technology, nature, resistance, war, peace, and hope. In this dizzying and beautiful smorgasbord of soundclips, music, and voices, Kelly Reinhardt and Bridget Haworth take you into the belly of the beast, with tongue in cheek, and open the doors to a new activist consciousness.' - Charlotte Scott, rabble podcast network

We'll unleash some music and video clips that will help shape our work for the coming months. Learn how to get involved, and help take boilingfrog to the next level.

For nearly four years, boilingfrog has connected the dots by promoting, screening and distributing activist and independent media. By mixing snippets from many sources, we've created this radio play, and found our own voice along the way.

the tour that won't end in our lifetime

Phase 3: 'Reclaiming Independence' the radio play goes cyber with Rabble Podcast Network

Phase 4: Healthy Mind, Body and Planet, riding the rails Across Canada

In Feb. - April 2006, the Healthy Mind, Body and Planet Tour will ride the rails across Canada with Angela Bischoff,, Kelly Reinhardt and Bridget Haworth,

Building on lifetimes of work towards a healthy planet, Angela, Kelly and Bridget will demonstrate through their unique collection of media and presentations a dizzying myriad of problems we face today, and present solutions. The Healthy Mind, Body and Planet tour promises to connect the dots between pharmaceutical drugs, diet, air pollution, war and much more.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Is THIS Just a Test?

On Sunday, September 18, 2005, a ‘terror drill’ will take place in Toronto. As confirmed by TTC spokeswoman, Marilyn Bolton, St Andrew subway station will be closed from 6 am until 12 noon for what she describes as a ‘pretty good event’.

Because a drill was being conducted at the very locations and times of the London bombings on July 7, 2005, exactly mirroring the attacks, I think it prudent to detail as much information before it happens here.

Bolton told me that those involved in this ‘mystery plot’ are the Emergency Medical Services, Toronto Fire Department, Toronto Police Services, The City of Toronto Emergency Planning Department, The Toronto Transit Commission and a Joint Commission on Chemical Biological Nuclear (threats, events?). The Toronto Police Services are co-ordinating the simulation, and that they are putting out a press release on Friday, September 16.

I know of one media report concerning this already, taking place between Monday and Tuesday, September 12, 13, on Toronto radio station CFRB. It was after hearing of this second hand that I began to make a few phone calls. I was already under heightened awareness after hearing Anne MacLellan on CBC news, Monday September 12 tell media that there is a need to ‘practice terror drills in real time.’

The following is my account of those calls, and what I’ve learned from them. Please keep in mind that this an incomplete investigation into the details of this Sundays terror drill, and that I was continually told to contact the Toronto Police to find out more, which I have not done.

The first call went out to Access Toronto 416-338-0338, where I received the Emergency Planning Department number, 416-392-4554, and was told the exercise is taking place in Councillor Kyle Rae’s ward. Councillor Rae was unavailable when I tried, and his assistant was reluctant to pass a message on to him because he is not my councillor. Further I was told Councillor Rae has no information regarding this event. His phone number is 416-392-7903.

I called my Councillor, Joe Pantalone, and was unable to speak with him, but left a message, and expressed my concerns about terror drills, and the incredible coincidences of attacks taking place at the same time. A staffer assured me she will try and find out what’s going on, and get back to me, but I’ve yet to hear anything.

The Emergency Planning Department offered up 3 names who are co-ordinating this exercise for the city, Greg Spasyna, Robert Tavner, and Warren Leonard, Manager – Office of Emergency Management. It was initially difficult to get those names, and when I asked to speak with one of them I was told they are in a meeting. Isn’t that always the way?

I asked to leave a message directly on their voice mail, where I was discouraged from doing so, and that a message would be passed along. I insisted, and was put through, to, wait for it, a dead line. I phoned back, only to be disconnected immediately. The third time I called, it went directly to the answering machine. I haven’t tried them again.

Marilyn Bolton is with TTC Public Affairs. This is the person who contacted me after my original queries with the TTC, where I was told to ask the Police who was involved. I mentioned that I shouldn’t have to ask the Police for information regarding the TTC, and asked again for the point person from the TTC. I was told it is through their safety department, but couldn’t get a name of anyone in charge there, again referred to the Police. Being persistent, I was told someone from the safety department would contact me. I’m still waiting for that call.

It is Marilyn Bolton who informed me of a forthcoming press release from the Toronto Police Services, and that it can be found sometime Friday September 16, on the Canada News Wire website. Maybe she means this one, .

Bolton confirmed the event is taking place between 6 am and noon on Sunday, and that an advisory will go out instructing people all access to St. Andrew Subway station will be closed for this drill. Shuttle buses will be made available to take riders between Union and Osgoode stations. John O’Grady is the liason working with the police until ‘the clock starts ticking’ then General Manager Rick Ducharme takes over.

TTC Chair, Howard Moscoe, returned my call, but at the exact moment I asked if he could shed light on the upcoming terror drill, the phone went dead. No dial tone, no busy signal, nothing. For nearly 15 minutes I tried every phone, disconnecting and reconnecting. Still nothing. After returning from a pay phone to ask the phone company what happened, it was working again, and a message from Moscoe trying back after the disconnection. I’ve been unable to reach him since. His number is 416-392-4027, but apparently he will not be available until after the weekend.

Finally, I tried the Mayor’s Office. David Miller was ‘in a meeting’, but I expressed my concerns and asked to speak with somebody in his office who may know what’s going on. His assistant returned my call, was unaware of ay terror drill taking place this weekend, and didn’t know if the Mayor was either. I expressed my surpise that no one in the Mayor’s office would know about this, especially when it is being co-ordinated with The City of Toronto, Emergency Medical Services, The Toronto Police Services, Fire Department, etc.

I insisted that he pass along my concern, and the best assurance I received is that he would contact the TTC himself, and if in fact there was a drill going on, then he would notify the Mayor.

To all the people I spoke with I expressed my interest in this matter because of the London July 7 bombings, and that I was searching for all the players involved in this weekends events. I think besides knowing who is involved, including any private firms and the people directly responsible for the drill, we should have a full understanding of the type of drill being conducted. We have a clue with the Joint Commission on Chemical, Biological and Nuclear attacks (which hasn’t yet been confirmed as to the exact make up, title, and nature of this organization).

So, I ask you fellow citizens, please be aware that this drill is indeed taking place in Toronto, and that during both the attacks of 9/11 and 7/7 in London of this year drills mirroring the actual attack were taking place at the exact same time.

In all my calls this past two days I mentioned this fact concerning the London bombings as reported by the BBC and CBC, who both interviewed Peter Power, of Visor Consultants, who told the media “At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing up right now".

Yeah, no kidding.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

9/11 Remembered

a boilingfrog film festival
September 5 - 9, 2005, noon - midnight
Rhino Bar and Grill, 1249 Queen St W. (1 blk west of Dufferin)
Toronto, Canada

PLUS: Skeptics Inquiry For Truth Present
'The Great Conspiracy' and 'Seven Unanswered Questions About 9/11'
September 11, 2005, 4:00 pm $10 / $5

Bloor Cinema, 506 Bloor St W. (@ Bathurst)

All the best 9/11 films PLUS many of the presentations from the International Citizens' Inquiry Into 9/11, Toronto 2004, plus highlights from NYC 9/11 Citizen's Commission and an L.A. Citizens' Grand Jury.

WHOA! 15 sessions, 50 hours of video, 5 days

Tickets available only at time of festival. limited seating. cash only.
For reservations, or more information email me with '9/11 Remembered' in the subject line.

$40 festival pass
$10 day pass
$5 session

Free, noon - 3 pm

Full Schedule with links (Amended Aug. 23, 2005.)
Printable black on white vsn. available. email me

Monday Sept. 5

12:00 noon: ‘The Great Deception: The War on Terrorism, An Alternative View’ 50 min.

1:00 pm ‘Where Are We and Where Are We Going?’ Barrie Zwicker - 13 min. Introduction to the International Citizens’ Inquiry Into 9/11, Phase 2, Toronto, May 2004. (ICII 9/11)

1:15 pm ‘The 9/11 Visibility Project’ Bill Douglas (ICII 9/11)
– 25 min. In support of the struggle for 9/11 truth.

1:45 pm ‘9/11 Overview’ Walter Davis (ICII 9/11) – 30 min. Kent State researcher connects the dots.

2:15 pm ‘The Official Story: Impossibilities and Improbabilities’ Kee Dewdney (ICII 9/11) – 45 min. A Mathematical approach, by member of the Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven.

3:30 pm ‘The Complete 9/11 Timeline’ Paul Thompson (ICII 9/11)
- 53 min. An extremely thorough, and invaluable archive of 9/11 research.

4:30 pm ‘9/11, Brainwahington, Plato’s Cave’ Matthias Broeckers - 37 minutes.
5:15 pm ‘9/11, An Inside Job’ Jim Marrs 10 min.
‘We’re Talking About Murder’ John Gray 20 min.
9/11 Essential Questions Series

5:45 pm ‘Examining the Term – Conspiracy Theory’ Jamey Hecht (ICII 9/11) – 34 min.

7:30 pm ‘The Truth and Lies of 9-11’ – 140 min.

10:00 pm ‘Painful Deceptions' – 120 min.

Tuesday Sept. 6

12:00 noon ‘The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw’ – 80 min.

1:30 pm ‘Some Dare Call It Treason’ Dr. Robert Bowman (ICII 9/11)
– 38 min. A fighter pilot looks back at 9/11 and forward to a resurrected America.

2:15 pm ‘The 9/11 Terror Fraud: A Coup Against World Civilization’ Webster Tarpley (ICII 9/11) - 73 min. From the man who ‘wrote the book’ on the subject - 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA


3:30 pm ‘9/11 and Historical War Pretexts’ – Richard Sanders (ICII 9/11) – 67 min. Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade - Just in case you were wondering if 9/11 was unique.

4:45 pm ‘The Underlying Politics of 9/11’ Ralph Schoenman – 63 min.
Class rule, the structure of power, false flags, and the ‘inevitable’ next attack.

6:00 pm ‘Blueprint for Global Domination’ Bruce Gagnon – 23 min
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space


7:00 pm Special Guest
Ian Woods, Publisher and Editor, launches Global Outlook issue 10
‘The Magazine of the 9/11 Truth Movement’

7:30 pm ‘The War for Oil and Drug Money’ – 60 min

8:30 pm ‘9/11 and the American Empire, How Should Religious People Respond? David Ray Griffin, C-Span, 2005 - 83 min

10:00 pm ‘9/11 The Road to Tyranny’ – 120 min.

Wedsnesday Sept. 7

12:00 noon ‘NYC 9/11 Citizen's Commission, An Open Inquiry into the Attacks ofSeptember 11’ – excerpts from 6 hr DVD

2:15 pm ‘WTC Towers Demolition’ Jim Hoffman – 45 min.
Demonstrating the Twin towers and Building 7 were demolished.


3:30 pm ‘Words, The Media, and Our Future’ Barrie Zwicker (ICII 9/11) – 29 min. Words are weapons which explode in our minds.

4:00 pm ‘Welcome to Brainwashington’ Matthias Broeckers (ICII 9/11) – 42 min. We have become victims of the biggest brainwashing operation in history.

4:45 pm ‘9/11 and Other Pretexts for War’ Richard Sanders – 18 min.
5:05 pm ‘The 9/11 Cover-up Commission’ Joyce Lynn – 12 min.
5:20 pm ‘De-constructing the 9/11 Myth’ Webster Tarpley – 18 min
9/11 Essential Questions Series

5:45 pm ‘9/11 and Our (Canadian) Constitutional Democracy’ Rocco Galati (ICII 9/11) – 28 min.

6:15 pm ‘Poets Against the War’ David Caldaresi (ICII 9/11) – 18 min. Poems written in protest of Laura Bush’s cancellation of White House poetry event.


7:30 pm. ‘Behind Every Bush There is a Terrorist’ San Francisco Comedy Night – 60 min

8:45 pm ‘Mohammed Atta and The Venice Flying Circus’ 60 min.

10:00 pm ‘9/11 In Plane Site’ 70 min.

11:15 pm Music from the International Citizens’ Inquiry Into 9/11, Toronto 2004 Jamey Hecht, The Dope Poet Society, David Rovics, and more…

Thursday Sept. 8

12:00 noon ‘Solving the Crimes of 9/11 - An L.A. Citizens' Grand Jury’ – excerpts from 6 hour DVD

2:15 pm ‘9/11 and Canada: A Study in Takeover’ Ken Fernandez (ICII 9/11)– 37 min. Canada’s strategic importance and US Global Objectives.


3:30 pm ‘The Financiers Behind 9/11’ Don Paul (ICII 9/11) – 42 min.
Exposing an interlocked, supra-national network of corporate criminality.

4:15 pm ‘Painful Questions, Painful Deceptions’ Eric Hufschmid – 15 min.
‘The Importance of Understanding 9/11’ Nafeez M. Ahmed – 15 min.
‘9/11, Peak Oil, The Window of Opportunity & The Joint Chiefs of Staff’ Mike Ruppert 20 min. 9/11 Essential Questions Series

5:15 pm Ralph Schoenman 5 Part Interview Series - 70 min.
‘9/11 A False Flag Operation’
‘Lynn Stewart, 1993, & the dry-run for 9/11’
‘Puppet Master Dick Cheney Threatens Psy-Ops Terrorism on the U.S. based on his Failed Terror Attack in Madrid’
‘Armageddon id Their Plan’
‘Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories’
9/11 Essential Questions Series


7:30 pm ‘In Whose Interest: The Practical Horrible Realities of Power’ 30 min.

8:00 pm Special GuestBarrie Zwicker introduces his film…
8:15 pm ‘The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw’ 2004, 75 min.
9:30 pm Discussion with Barrie on the film and his work since.

10:00 pm ‘Celsius 9/11: World Takeover and The War OF Terror’ 120 min.

Friday Sept. 9

12:00 noon ‘A 9/11 Widows’ Personal Story’ Ellen Mariani (ICII 9/11) – 45 min.

12:50 pm ‘The Need for Truth to Heal the 9/11 Families and America’ Dr. John Gray (ICII 9/11) – 23 min. By bestseller author of Men Are From mars, Women Are From Venus

1:15 pm ‘War Games vs. Stand Down Order’ Mike Ruppert (ICII 9/11) – 56 min. The first time Mike explains why there were no intercepts.

2:15 pm ‘The Coming Terror’ Webster Tarpley (ICII 9/11) – 46 min.

3:30 pm ‘War and Globalization: The Truth Behind 9/11’ Michel Chossudovsky – 90 min.
5:00 pm ‘Disarming the War Agenda’ – 25 min.
9/11 Essential Questions Series

5:30 pm ‘Examining the term, Conspiracy Theory’ Jamey Hecht (ICII 9/11) – 34 min


7:00 pm ‘Conspiranoid Fragments’ Steven Bush (ICII 9/11) – 22 min.
A live performance from the play ‘Beating the Bushes’

7:30 pm ‘Highjacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear, and the Selling of American Empire’ – 70 min

8:45 pm ‘Liberty Bound’ – 90 min.

10:30 pm ‘Behind Every Bush There is a Terrorist’ San Francisco Comedy Night – 60 min

Event posters are available. email me

Monday, July 18, 2005

Reclaiming Independence July 27, 2005

Weds. July 27, 2005 - 9 - 11 pm EDT
LIVE Internet Radio Special
"Reclaiming Independence"

Join boilingfrog on Wedsnesday July 27, 2005 - 9 pm EDT for the premiere performance of the radio play, "Reclaiming Independence" . originally scheduled for broadcast on the 4th of July.

Hosts Bridget Haworth and Kelly Reinhardt of
launch the cyber version of the EARTHonPEACE tour with this critical 2 hour special.

The cast of characters currently include Martin Luther King, Carol Brouillet, John Stockwell, Ward Churchill, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Judi Bari, Jeremy Leggit, George W Bush, Vandana Shiva, Tooker Gomberg, Barrie Zwicker, Maude Barlow, Jeremy Rifkin, James Howard Kunstler, and many more ...

Discuss the show, interact with us and each other and provide your own ideas how we can collectively reclaim our independence.

Because it is clear that the model of Independence as demonstrated by the United States of America has served instead to further enslave the people of Earth, it has become necessary to Reclaim Our Independence.

Not from Empire per se, but the machinations from which it operates.

Consumerism; Big Oil, Nuclear Energy and Weapons; Pharmaceuticals; GMO's; Nanotech; Factory Farming; Pop Culture/Homogenization; Corporate Media; etc.

Register early to ensure your connection is good.
This will also enable you to start discussion threads in anticipation.

Donations will be accepted online to fundraise for future programs.

You are the first to launch Toronto's newest LIVE Internet Event portal.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Independent World Television - Birth of a Network

IWTnews takes L.A.

IWTnews played to a packed house in L.A. Monday night, with what was meant to be a small gathering turning into a major event that drew over 200 Hollywood activists, actor and producers. Supporters squeezed in to see Birth of a Network and hear Gore Vidal and Paul Jay talk about news, democracy, and building the world's first global independent news network.
"When Dan Rather was asked to justify his network's poor coverage on the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction," Paul gave as one example after the screening, "he said he 'gives the benefit of the doubt' to any President, Republican or Democrat, and doesn't apologize for that.'
"Well, we need a TV network that doesn't give the benefit of the doubt to those in power, be they Republican or Democrat."

(boilingfrog's comments)

Congrats! Paul, and the rest of the folks at IWT.

Regarding objectivity and diversity:
I believe that as long as we allow dirty deceptions, and black budget ops to go on unchallenged, and without question, we will certainly end up where we are headed.

I look forward to a proper airing of the assorted variations of truths, especially concerning bogus war pretexts (Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Gulf War's I and II, Afghanistan, and the Global War on Terrorism, which would of course include revisiting the horrors of 9/11.
This will help create a space for facts to emerge quicker, which may just help prevent future wars, save lives and the rights of people everywhere.

Thank you all for your dedication and hard work making IWT a reality.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Dear CBC, where's the rest of the story?

A letter sent this morning to Canadian Broadcast Corporation's audience relations.

(Dear CBC),
Can you provide some follow up on this story about the recent 260 million dollar missile defense contract for Raytheon, who wants to build missile defense components (radar) in Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador?

This story was top of the news last Friday morning as a lead national story, yet it didn't show up on the main page. I eventually found it here

2 questions: Does this mean that Canada will be involved in US Missile Defense, and is the Canadian arm of Raytheon involved in this?

I have asked Raytheon Canada's Corinne J. Kovalsky, Director of Public Affairs & Communications if they are involved in this and haven't received a reply.

Hope to receive a satisfactory response from the CBC.

thank you for your time.
Kelly Reinhardt

Monday, June 20, 2005

Raytheon, where art thou?

Well, I must have pissed them off because I am now forbidden from visiting their Canadian Website. So, for fun (?) I'm including a couple of lovely quotes from their main website in the US.

'Throughout its more than 80-year history, Raytheon Company has been a leader in developing defense technologies and in converting those technologies for use in commercial markets. From its early days as a maker of radio tubes, its adaptation of World War II radar technology to invent microwave cooking, and its development of the first guided missile, Raytheon has successfully built upon its pioneering tradition to become a global technology leader.'

'We at Raytheon are proud of our reputation for excellence: a reputation based on our commitment to the highest ethical standards.'

like building weapons of mass destruction for instance.
sure, who wouldn't be proud?